The best things in life happen when passion meets necessity. In her early 20s, our Founder battled a serious chronic illness. This disease caused massive toxicity, especially in her skin, resulting in terrible acne and painful reactions to most mainstream skincare products. Armed only with brave determination, creative intuition, and all the information the internet could provide, she began creating her own skincare products to help purify, detoxify, and moisturize her skin without the harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients typically included in beauty supplies. Soon, her illness went into remission and she spent the next decade researching and perfecting her recipes in the hope that these products might change the lives of others the way they changed her own.

After years of research and development, in 2018 she founded Natural Pores (our parent company) to share her products with the world and help teach people everywhere how to make healthy and effective choices for skin care.

She says,

Never give up on your dreams or your potential. When life hands you dry, shriveled beans, make coffee!

Never give up on your dreams or your potential.